Positions and Practice – Week 7

Peer Commissioned Micro Project

An interesting challenge as part of this week’s module considering all things ‘perchance’. Taking into consideration the discussions and presentation from the week – which I will come back to later this week – we were asked to set a brief for a fellow student.

Here it is:
Taking inspiration from the practitioners discussed during this topic, form pairs and set each other a short brief to work on throughout the week. You should be sympathetic to each other’s locations, circumstances, resources, commitments and also – their current practice. The ‘shoot’ should not exceed a couple of hours at most, and you may be as prescriptive as you like!

And here’s my brief:
You will need to take a shot of the sole of your shoes before and after each time you leave the house. This brief is exploring the footprint you will leave on this earth; wear the same pair of shoes every time you leave the house for a fixed period of 72 hours. Look for interesting things your shoes pick up on your journey, can you see any visible wear on the soles? you can take this project in any direction you choose, but work around the idea of your imprint on the earth and what the earth imprints on you. Have a series of three diptychs to show you findings. Think outside the box.

I’m not sure I have done the brief justice – mainly as I’ve been trying to work on my portfolio artwork for submission at the end of this module, revamping my research presentation for mid-November and, as always, I am still working full-time so it’s a constant juggle to meet all demands. But I’ve given it a go.

I decided that it was unlikely I would be able to create something speedily enough if I utilised the alternative process techniques I use in most of my current practice. So I opted for my love of my mobile and it’s snazzy little lenses; the fisheye and the macro. I also decided that I would actually be in the picture wearing my boots – on the way out and on the way in; for the first time I left and the last time I returned. I also added in a screen grab of my steps (thank you well-known exercise tracker) as I thought it would help with showing a literal impact (I normally do more than 10,000 steps a day but have had a less mobile few days;-)).

Here’s what I got.


The brief definitely reflected my interest in environmental impacts, which will be playing a major part in my choice of processes, and was great food for thought. I wanted the fisheye to give a slight feel of a sphere to represent the earth – with more time I may come back to that – while the macro image is meant to represent the scrutiny we need to give environmental issues as the human population continues to increase and the impact all those ‘feet’ will have on our earth.

I quite like the fact that the soles of my shoes have trees on them. A definite coincidence but a great connection to nature and the feel of this brief.

There is very clear visual signs of my travels, including leaves, mud and a cobweb (I think). To me, the first and last image seem to be very similar in what can be seen which makes me feel as though my impact has come full circle.

This may not be my greatest photographic work but it is a very interesting concept. I may well play around with it a bit more and consider it as I move on with my ultimate project ideas. Thanks for the challenge – best foot forward and all that.

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three: