Informing Contexts – Week 1

Photography at the Crossroads A fascinating start to the new module. Pulling apart photography and putting it back together makes for some interesting realisations and new viewpoints. I have probably been quite shallow these past years in relation to delving deeper into the meaning of photographs. My mind and resource has been on trying to … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week 1

Next steps – Informing Contexts

As the next term of the MA is due to begin, my thoughts are starting to focus on the work to come and how my project will begin to evolve and take shape. During the festive break, I have been testing out image-making with the Anthotype process (using the juice of berries, veg, plants/flowers) and … Continue reading Next steps – Informing Contexts

Positions and Practice – reflection.

The assignments have been completed and handed in...and the results are back. I'm pretty pleased to say I have passed, gaining a distinction in my oral presentation. There's still work to be done to fine tune my ideas and plans, particularly around my project proposal. Having started the course with two very distinct project ideas, … Continue reading Positions and Practice – reflection.