Positions and Practice – reflection.

The assignments have been completed and handed in…and the results are back. I’m pretty pleased to say I have passed, gaining a distinction in my oral presentation.

There’s still work to be done to fine tune my ideas and plans, particularly around my project proposal. Having started the course with two very distinct project ideas, with one more straightforward  and resolved than the other, it is the less defined option I went with.

In a nutshell, my focus will be on using photo processes that are the most environmentally-friendly as possible and/or reflect a reuse/recycle opportunity. The content of my images will look to address human impact on the Earth and act as a means to inspire conversation about this topic or encourage those who engage with it to start, or do more, to work towards protecting the planet.

It is drawing near to Jan 20 – the date that America will see Donald Trump become its president. As someone who has publicly denounced climate change it will be interesting to see his next steps in this area, and how those who have worked hard for years to research and educate others about climate change and other environmental issues will deal with any negative fallout.

And it is due to situations such as this that I hope my work will add a voice in support of our environment and acknowledgement of we reap what we sow.  It is however important to me that the work I produce is not used as a soapbox or in a militant way – in the past I have chained myself to petrol pumps in protest of Esso and more, and now I plan to use a gentle and encouraging approach to nurture change where needed.

I’m looking forward to the next module and getting my teeth into new challenges.

Next on the list – consult my seasonal fruit and veg calendar to mix up some light sensitive solutions as part of my work in progress experiments.

But in the meantime, below are examples of new lumen prints. I am looking at taking old photos/negs of people and combining them with natural materials to create images that can begin to speak about time, impact and hope. I’m struggling a little with having to use photo paper/fixer as part of the process but it is out-of-date paper and I may of course decide not to go to the fixing stage or use household products to limit chemical use.

Larger versions can be viewed via the Gallery page.

Pre fixer – Ilford RC pearl
Post fixer – Ilford RC pearl
Pre fixer – Ilford RC pearl with bath cleaner
Post fixer – Ilford RC pearl with bath cleaner