Next steps – Informing Contexts

As the next term of the MA is due to begin, my thoughts are starting to focus on the work to come and how my project will begin to evolve and take shape.

During the festive break, I have been testing out image-making with the Anthotype process (using the juice of berries, veg, plants/flowers) and trying to tie this in with vegetable sources that are available at this time of year. I have chosen spinach.

Fortunately, the weather has been kind and remained dry with wonderful blue skies and sunshine. Yet the length of time that this process requires is pushed to the limit in Cornwall at this time of year. My sometimes impatient nature (something I like to address by using processes that don’t always offer instant gratification) led me to check on a first test print, one where I simply lay a plant, a neg and a feather on the juice-painted paper. It has been outside in direct light for five days – it’s not quite enough. I have enhanced one scan to try to show a difference and a little more detail but I think natural light and time will be more successful.

Let’s hope the others I still have outside will yield a more defined result.