Garden Leave

I was very fortunate to be invited to take part in a residency at the vibrant Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset from March 27 to 29. Led by Helen Sear, Professor of Falmouth University's Institute of Photography and Tim Martin, Hestercombe's curator, with talks provided by my own MA course leader Jesse Alexander; course leader for MA … Continue reading Garden Leave

Nature’s Goddesses

This theme has taken me into the realm of nature and mythology. My research has taken down the route of Celtic nature goddesses. I am using them as a means of representation of nature as female. This does not necessarily align with my own views (I'm not so convinced of the idea of nature as … Continue reading Nature’s Goddesses

Informing Contexts – Week Eight reflection

Enter the Academy What a fascinating week. I have always been intrigued by the ways in which photography is shared and shown. And have also always felt rather annoyed by pretentious art galleries, whatever they are displaying. For me, art, and photography in particular, is something that doesn't need to give itself airs and graces. … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week Eight reflection

Informing Contexts – Week Seven

Speaking Photographically Considering the Trilogy work of Daniel Gustav Cramer this week has helped me formulate my ongoing work in my head some more. For me, it is his comment that his work uses a concept as a starting point but it becomes 'an echo of its own voice" is reassuring. I have been struggling … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week Seven