Just for fun

A fellow student instigated a weekly ‘photo brief’ for anyone willing to take part a couple of weeks ago.

I have created images as part of it for fun; something to take my mind off the serious study and research.

As I don’t have copious amounts of time to create work that is more akin to my MA topics I have set myself a 10 minute time limit to think of an idea and execute it.

This is pretty fun in itself.

The idea has since grown into a weekly webinar for those who are using it more as a means of exploring their MA subject and it is great to see the varied interpretations.

I have chosen to take my images on my iPhone and to tweak in Snapseed or to use Hipstamatic.

The first brief was Tomato Soup, with the second Cardboard.

I went a little Andy Warhol with the first image, and a tad tongue-in-cheek with the second.

What I have found is that by setting myself such a tight turnaround time, and making use of what’s at hand, I am in a sense working in a way that reflects my MA ideas of environmental sustainability. Reuse, recycle etc.

It will be interesting to see what comes next and where my influences come from.