Litter picking

As part of my research into human environmental impact, I am discovering there is a big appetite in photography for photographers who want to make a statement about the issues humans are creating for our planet.

For me, an element of my practice is to see how I can lessen my own photographic impact. This has led to the use of processes that have minimal environmental impact by way of chemical use i.e. anthotypes but also to the evaluation of what camera I may use (when not creating camera-less work).

I have never been a photographer that feels the need to have the latest camera gear, in fact my favourite camera is an old 1955 film one. But I am also considering my iPhone more as a camera of choice. Again, I don’t have the latest iPhone and will use this one until it starts to let me down (which I hope is sometime off). And if it does then I hope projects such as the Restart Project will enable a little life support to help me minimise my electronic impact.

By using my iPhone I also feel freer to create work on the go. I am now undertaking to photograph the human debris I find on a short portion of a road in my own village. I walk this road with my dog when we are going to meet his canine pals and it recently struck me how much litter I noticed. It is approx. 50 yards distance.

Inspired by the recent discussions we have had about editing our work, I took nine images (there was a bit more litter but luckily not too much more) that I have set out in a square grid. I used Hipstamatic to create an illusion of social media-style images.

I plan to take images at least weekly – to see if the litter is still there and to monitor its decomposition if so.