Potential contacts

During this module I have been attempting to discern a number of ways in which I will be able to support my practice from a financial viewpoint in the future.

I already run my participatory photographic business, ShutterPod – although this is on the back-burner a tad while I complete the MA. But I want to ensure this enterprise and my more personal practice will enable me to eventually lessen my hours at the day job, or even support me on a full-time basis.

As well as aiming to reinstate a number of ShutterPod workshops next year, I have also started to consider other ways to fund my work.

There are myriad options.

One option, although not a guarantee, is through entering competitions. Even if not the winner, this will help widen my photographic reach.

In Cornwall, I hope to gain more commissions within the environmental/science sector and hope to initiate some collaborations. I have been intrigued by the work of Sara Bowler in relation to the Goonhilly site and plan to research ways in which I can also garner long-term projects that investigate our relationship to our environment.

I am planning on joining the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World. It describes itself as an “innovative educational charity focused on exploring new understandings of our place within Nature through the Arts”, which aligns perfectly with my practice. It also incorporates ‘artdotearth’ and the Research in Art, Nature and the Environment (RANE) group, whose director Dr Daro Montag I have already initiated contact.

I plan to contact the Eden Project to see if there is any synergy with my work and its upcoming permanent exhibition, Invisible Worlds.

I have also joined the a-n artist network and follow the Visual Arts South West network, both of which promote opportunities and news about artists work.

I hope to work with Dr Grace Twiston-Davies again too (she is the lead scientist on the Farm for AONBees project I have worked on). This could extend the project further and allow for deeper research into the anthotype process.

I am determined to secure a sustainable practice following my MA and believe putting in the ground work now will assist with this.