Further inspiration

As I come up to the final few weeks of this module, I have also learnt of two more photographers that could be influential on my ongoing thought processes.

As I want my work to link back to science and nature, I have been intrigued by the work of Kelly Wilder and Anne Brigman. Both pointed out to me by my tutor; thank you.

Wilder is a photographic historian and director of the Photographic History Research Centre (PHRC) at De Montfort University. Her work pertains to the photographic practices of Nineteenth century scientists and artists. Having started some outline research on her work, I have no doubt that I will be in contact to discuss my fascination with historical and scientific photographic contexts.

Looking at Brigman’s images, I feel a sense of time passing down through to my own work with Nature’s Goddesses. Brigman lived in an era when there were not many female photographers and the photographs she took of females nude within nature were definitely not the normal expectation of a woman at that time. Although I do not use the nude form, I do incorporate myself within some of this work and for me they both perhaps speak of nature under a patriarchal bias. I will definitely be looking into the life and work of Brigman in more detail.

©Anne Brigman. Soul of the Blasted Pine (self-portrait) . 1908