Where am I now?

Looking back at this module, I have definitely tried to pack as much in as possible.

Along with working full-time, my commissioned exhibition and residency at Hestercombe Gardens, I have also stuck to four themes under the umbrella of human impact on the environment.

These have related to rural landscapes, litter, lichen and my Nature’s Goddesses series.

With hindsight, I can now see how choosing one theme would have allowed for more in-depth research and experimentation on that topic. But I needed to consider them all so that I could feel confident in my long-term choices.

Having almost finalised my Critical Review, it has helped me to distinguish what I want to do next. And reassure myself that letting go, or putting work on hold, is not a bad thing.

Trying to cover four strands has led to me learn about a variety of photographers and techniques but now I need to streamline my though processes to create a substantial body of work that will not only reflect my ideas but act as a catalyst for conversation about our relationship to nature.