And finally

This module has been challenging and informative.

Not only have I pushed myself creatively with a commissioned exhibition, but I have also gain much from a residency, my peers and my tutors.

This module has brought my attention to a number of new photographers and practitioners such as Anne Brigman and Kelley Wilder.

©Anne Brigman. 1908.

Brigman’s works from the early 1900s has, I believe, a synergy with my ongoing series Nature’s Goddesses in the sense that it challenged preconceived societal norms, while photo historian Wilder’s interest in historic processes and how photography aligned itself to science could prove to be invaluable in future.

I have also developed my skills in Photoshop a tad more, mainly in relation to creating digital negatives.

But my biggest learning curve has been in relation to letting go. The opportunity to take on a paid project allowed me to try out ideas that may be part of my final major project, but also enabled me to confirm that I want to create more than a simple gallery exhibition. However, doing this while also trying to focus on the other themes in my practice has made me realise that I will need to prioritise as I move into the next module. And that projects can always be returned to.

I now aim to develop my research into myths and how we view nature along with how we impact on rural landscapes, predominantly through my passion for cyanotype and anthotype. Pre-planning will particularly be required for the latter. But I’m sure someone once said to me “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and that is not an option.