New ideas

It’s time to take stock and focus on my own production plan. There is so much I want to do but I have to be realistic – this is not a pessimistic outlook, simply a means of ensuring I can achieve what I set out to do. I have had some thoughts on where I want to take my work next, including ways in which I can leave my comfort zone and expand on the techniques I use. I have been feeling as if my ideas have started to take on a gimmicky element through the use of plastic toys and my idea for an automaton or fortune teller booth as a means of exhibiting work may be more a desire to do something different. There’s still room for these possibilities but in module one I wanted to somehow use the geology and natural environs of my local coastal area and I feel I am back full circle with that thought process.

My intention is to start getting back out in nature to conduct various process experiments, perhaps utilising the found items on the beach and coastal paths to share stories of its history, myths and environmental issues affecting it.

I have discovered the images of a number of photographers that work in what I describe as a more tactile way, with Klea McKenna being one of them.

Her work has evolved from her straight landscape work of about 10 years ago, to work that is created straight from nature. Her rubbings of concrete, wood and earth ignite a desire to go out and try this myself. Rather than placing nature on the light sensitive material, nature will remain in situ.

©Klea McKenna from Automatic Earth 2016

I am also intrigued by the work of Hannah Giles. Given my fascination with rock slices, her Counting Rings series that uses ice and colour photo paper creates a connection between art and nature (water is after all a vital element). She likens the results more to the inside of trees. Either way, it is the reference to the natural world that we recognise in her work.

©Hannah Giles from Counting Rings 

Looking at others work is always a great source of inspiration; I think I have just lately been concentrating too much on somehow being ‘original’. With the amount of humans in the world perhaps we need to change our own desire to feel original and be more content with knowing the work we produce is original to us even if influenced by a variety of sources.