Week Four – Hands Off

I have loved this week’s challenge in which we were asked to “reconsider your relationship with your apparatus by not using it”.

As I normally work in a camera-less fashion, I don’t use ‘apparatus’ other than the light sensitive material and any objects I use within the images I make. Sunlight (UV) is my usual light source – can this be considered my ‘apparatus’?.

With a 24-hour deadline to respond to the task, I did ponder trying to use Siri on my iPhone but decided to try out using solar powered lights at night instead of my usual daylight source.

I simply pegged old b/w photo paper around the bulbs and gave the images a two-hour exposure. Four were taken at night and one was exposed during the day as a comparison. They are shown without fixing.







The images created had to relate to the ongoing MA project and I was conscious of still using natural energy to make the photographs. Perhaps a little longer may have given a stronger impression on the paper and I am now inclined to start using solar energy within my work. It offers much potential and experimentation.

I also created a number of chemigrams and chemicyangrams (as below), which involved more of my input such as spraying with solutions such as sun lotion or coconut oil and making marks or laying items. This felt more as though I was using ‘apparatus’. It is an area I intend to explore more though as the random results appeal to my sense of expression and align with my view of the chaotic care of the environment.

chemi5 chemi6