The sea is all around me

One of the most rewarding aspects of MA study is bouncing ideas of peers and tutors. This week, in conversation with tutor Stella, she shared an arts project she had heard about taking place in Ireland.

The Expanded Field is an 15-month long artistic response to the the Munster region. It is bringing together a variety of artists in residencies at Askeaton Contemporary Arts and Lismore Castle Arts. One of its artists, Filip Van Dingenen, who has been researching seaweed cutting and the selling off of harvesting rights by the Irish State in the Shannon area, worked on an island in the Shannon estuary where he was joined by policy-makers to druids with the aim to “remove the divide between human and nature, and challenge the alienation of contemporary life from the now unheard environmental spirits in our midst” (2017).

Given my work in module two began to focus on the myths of Nature’s Goddesses this provides and element of intrigue; combining fact with fiction and asking us to reconsider how we view the world.

The long-term aim of my work is to create an external exhibition of sorts; ideas such as dinner parties have been considered as I am determined my work will be shown in an interactive, tactile way so this project lends itself to how I may go on to develop the dissemination of my MA practice.

And it seems that much of my influence is taken from my coastal location and the work of others that delve into the watery edges of place.

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