Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

My focus has been on trying to pull together my work in progress. To dedicate time to actually making the work, particularly as I now feel I have a definitive direction – sand and how its use by humans impacts on the environment.

Therefore, whether or not I aim to produce a publication to sit alongside the work itself, and what form that may take, has not been top of my list. But having to stop and think about this option and how it will be an additional means of drawing people into the work has opened up a world of potentials.

My suggested plan for this element of the module is to either create a fabric book if I use cyanotypes to make my images or to disrupt existing books (relevant to my topic) by inserting ‘new’ pages of my work (similar to paper cut books ).

Yet, the idea to make a ‘glass’ book – a publication literally (and the correct way to use that word) made from sand came to me. Having mentioned before my aim to let go of the need to feel ‘original’ I still could not resist some online research to discover if this had been done before. And on this occasion I was overjoyed to discover the work of Olafur Eliasson.

What an inspiring piece of work. It has helped to sow the seed of an idea for my final major project. I had hoped to create a much smaller version in time for my upcoming exhibition but know this will not be achievable at this time. There are so many possibilities and I feel empowered to achieve the perhaps larger scale thoughts I have for future work.

I have however made a very simple interpretation using my Impossible Lab. I printed some of the sand work onto instant film and once developed, cut out the backing so that the light could shine through. This was to try and give an small glimpse of how a transparent book could work. For the final project, the work may created in glass but I may need to address the practicalities of a ‘glass’ publication.

Use password FalmouthWeek7 to take a look at the film clip on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/225437386