Week Nine – Production

This is what I wrote about my plans for week nine:

I have written my oral presentation and will be filming/editing Aug 5/6.

My four workshops are full and I will be asking participants in both adult (possibly kids) to make at least one cyanotype postcard image that includes some sand to be shown in my exhibition at the workshop venue.

My exhibition will take the form of a sandcastle surrounded by cyanotype fabric that has been exposed using sand at the beach. It will represent the sea and sand and natural world. The subsequent postcards will be displayed within the exhibition to suggest that as ‘we’ use up sand we may not have many beaches left and postcards (images) may all we have left as reminders. I am including full info sheets on my project #HarenaNow and asking for feedback from attendees. I will also share the images on social media and the #HarenaNow web page. As the week progresses I will be interested to see if the sandcastle begins to collapse as it drys; a metaphor maybe?

I have some more WIP images to make this weekend. I will then be putting that together.

I will be going through my CRJ to write some new articles, check referencing and have a general tidy up.

I am contacting a number of potential collaborators/advisors relating to how to move my work.

I have feeling that knowing how workshops can go things may not pan like this, and that the sandcastle idea may change again. I say this as I feel as though I now have an idea of how my final work may be exhibited to achieve something similar in the timescale in this module is not possible.

I may also need to discuss further with the exhibition venue, the practicalities of having sand on-site.

The rest is doable and on track. Let’s see if this plan comes together.