Week Ten – Production

For this week I shared the following with my peers:

New work has been made and there is some more to come during the next two weeks as well. The most recent work has focussed on using out-of-date b/w photo paper and burying/semi-submerging under sand and/or beach ‘flora’. I have also used cyanotype fabric test sheets and new work will use the cyanotype process at its core. 

I have prepped for my four upcoming workshops, starting August 5; all fully booked. I will be inviting participants to contribute one image made on the day that incorporates sand in someway to my exhibition; one possible is to ask them to bury the cyanotype and ‘dig’ away to make the exposures – a metaphor for how our extraction of sand changes and influences the environment around it (an idea swiped from my 1-2-1 with Gary). As the the venue is the heritage centre and the town fought (and won) its own battle with an international sand dredging company (for now) as it was destroying the coastal area, it is an apt location for my Harena Now show. 

I will show my work (and hopefully that of others) in ‘sand boxes’, which I hope to also surround with the fabric cyanotype wall hangings I will make next week. I am also evaluating the potential for toning the cyanotypes – a further means of changing by human hand.

I have also been researching potential future collaborations and organisations where it would be worthwhile for me to connect such as theearthissue.com and The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World.

In the long term I want this work to be created in some way in glass, with the exhibition touring coastal regions effected by sand mining, or even urban areas as most are made from concrete (one of the main reasons there are potential issues with the longevity of this natural resource). I have been looking at potential ways to do this. I also aim to recycle the work so that one day it will return to what it came from – more investigation needed here.

And I have written my Oral presentation script, collected some footage/stills and started to layout my WIP portfolio. I will be updating the CRJ too as probably plenty of things I should mention.

I have been tweaking my WIP portfolio but unfortunately due to a chest infection (I seem to have had so many illnesses this module) I couldn’t make the WIP webinar to get feedback. I have now sent it on to my tutors to see if they can provide some insight.

Much of my time seems to have been spent trying to pull a number of strands together. With my workshops and exhibition so close to the assignment hand-in, I hope I can do them all justice.