Week 11 – workshops a go-go

Despite acquiring a chest infection two-days before my first adult workshop, I dosed myself up with cough syrup and ibuprofen and headed off.

It was a great session, which had been over subscribed. That’s nice but at the same time, on this occasion, made it difficult to dedicate time to encouraging participants to make potential exhibition work, particularly as these were really meant as taster sessions that I had organised through my business ShutterPod before module two had started.

As a means to get work made by the attendees for my exhibition, it didn’t pan out quite as anticipated, even though I did promote the upcoming Harena Now show. This workshop provided the opportunity for me to reconsider how I will direct the image-making for the exhibition in the next ones.

Ideally, if I wasn’t working full-time and hadn’t already arranged these workshops I would have liked to organise Harena Now specific workshops, perhaps involving the local group in Hayle that had previously secured the suspension of sand dredging from the local beaches.

It was a great opportunity to get used to the venue and plan ideas to improve on delivery.