Week 12 – getting close.

The last two weeks of this module have proved a challenge and enlightening.

All four workshops are done; with one specifically asking participants to create work for the exhibition.


Having only come to the definitive plan for my ongoing work halfway through this module, I don’t feel the workshops or the exhibition resemble exactly how I aim to plan my future work, but this is all about work-in-progress and it has been a very useful experience. I certainly know that for my final work I may have to ask for a sabbatical or time off from the day job to fully dedicate enough thinking, planning, making and executing time to achieve my goals.

Feedback from the workshops included, ” very informative – most enjoyable”; “very informative, time flew by and had a great time”; and “absolutely adored it – thank you for a fabulous experience”.

Two artists are now also going to use the cyanotype process in their textile work, a school teacher is potentially commissioning me for further classes and I have a day session one-to-one booked from it. I have even been in touch with one artist who is keen to find out more about my plans to nurture a dedicated photographic ‘art’ venue in Cornwall, so for networking and sharing ideas the efforts made have been worthwhile.

Talking to people looking at the exhibition has been limited. Most feedback has included how more fascinating the work seems when they realise how its made and also when they discover more about ‘sand wars/sand crisis’. I doubt I will have chance to get any named feedback now on the show as I have to get my head down to finish my CRJ, WIP and oral presentation.

Hayle Heritage Centre’s staff and volunteers, who hosted the exhibition, have been incredibly supportive – huge thank you to them. They have been sharing the workshops and exhibition info online and looking at recent WordPress stats, the Harena Now gallery page has been the most visited in the past week.