Most recent ‘finds’

I’ve called this blog post “most recent ‘finds'” as it’s all about the photographers/artists that have caught my attention in recent weeks.

Having just had our first webinar for this module, where we chatted about people’s experiences of achieving the task set at the end of the last module which was to assist/shadow a photographer you admire; I’m hoping that my comments were not misunderstood.

I stated that there were not many photographers (that I know of) in Cornwall working in historic/alternative photography techniques and that I didn’t want to assist a photographer in another specialism so it had been difficult in the timescale to achieve the task.

This doesn’t mean I am not interested in all genres of photography – I am. But on this particular occasion, having worked in a variety of photographic roles in the past, I wanted to aim to work with someone who was as passionate about my chosen aspect of photography.

Hopefully, the artists and photographers I have been inspired by just lately will show that I am more than keen to look outside of the historic/alternative window.

My first is Tom Pope. I’ve seen his work before; well I had seen I Am Not Tom Pope, You Are All Tom Pope a couple of years back but it was his work Light Traps (which uses cyanotype solution) that drew me back to him this week. It is his inventiveness and sense of play that I find most alluring.

©Tom Pope Light Traps

Another is Maya Rochat whose work has me bamboozled a tad – I need to spend more time with it.

©Maya Rochat 2015-16 Me first mutant













Next there is Natalie. W. Cheung. She uses gestures to create photograms and chemigrams in a kaleidoscope of colour and movement. Her works is probably more akin to my personal preference and way of working.

©Natalie W Cheung Intermediaries

Then there is Nobuhiro Nakanishi, who comes from a sculpting background and whose work made in acrylic is stunning and an inspiration for my glass work (although it started a heated Facebook discussion when I commented on a post about it as one person claimed the idea had been hers – that’s for another post).

©Nobuhiro Nakanishi Layer Drawings

I have now finally got my hands on a copy of Edge of Vision that looks at the rise of abstraction in photography, and plan to continue to discover new work, new fields and new ways of seeing the world (although I may stay in my cyanotype bubble on occasion too).

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