Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

This week has seen students challenged to create an Instagram account and try to create a viral image.

As I already regularly use Instagram, I decided my focus would be to increase followers by 30 but I admit I approached this task with a light touch as I wanted to concentrate on research towards the project overall.

Part of this included finalising a new website: josiepurcellphotography.com

I spent some time trying to streamline and decide on the images for the site but I know this will need some further consideration and tweaking, particularly around image layout. Having signed up to the Squarespace student’s option (handy cost saving) I feel my work now has a place where it can be shown with confidence.

But back to the Week 3 task. Once I had decided on an image that I wanted to go ‘viral’ I created a hashtag #SandSeaStories and included an Instagram bio link to a webpage where people could let me know where they were based. This was simply to get an idea of geographical coverage.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 09.08.41

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 09.09.56

With further promotion, in a five day period, I gain exactly 30 followers and 242 likes and 3 shares, with 6 visits to the website.

Working in marketing, I’m aware that it takes more than crossing your fingers to make a topic/image go viral; for me trying to force this never truly works. Often images that do go viral do so because they relate to a charity competition, a prize is included or there is a societal interest in the topic at that time. There’s so much more to it than sharing a photo and hoping for the best.

My Instagram page has already provided me with potential collaborations and a global audience – for me the key thing on all social media is to build interest and interaction from and between people who are engage with what I do. It’s nice to get likes but it’s better to receive a comment that provides a virtual connection and can lead to new possibilities. And it’s important to do the same with those I follow – recipricate the interest. You can follow me via any of the social media icons above right.