Week 3 – reflection (part three 3/3)

As we have been considering myriad dissemination opportunities it wasn't long before virtual reality (VR) became part of the picture. Mat Collishaw's new take on immersive exhibiting via this new(ish) tool was showcased in his Thresholds exhibition. It took visitors back in time to 1839 and¬†William Henry Fox Talbot's first presentation of his photographs to … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part three 3/3)

Week 3 – reflection (part two 2/3)

My love of photography stems from our family Polaroid camera. At age about 8, I didn't really know what I was doing with it but I loved the buzz of the image popping out of the camera and the how mesmerising is was to watch and wait for the moment passed to reappear. I recall … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part two 2/3)