Great minds – great loss

I feel a tad awkward writing this. I’m writing about a man I did not know, but wish perhaps I had.

When I first set up ShutterPod five/six years ago it was always with a view that one day I could convince enough financial backers that Cornwall needed its own dedicated photographic venue, something similar to The Photographers’ Gallery, the Michael Hoppen Gallery or Ffotogallery, something that would attract the photographic world to cross the Tamar.

That dream is still alive and well. What I didn’t know back then, although I did come across it at a later point, was the work of Charles Roff. While I was applying to funding sources through organisations such as the School for Social Entrepreneurs, he was busy opening the PZ Gallery and formulating plans for the Cornwall Photographic Archive. In its business proposal it states: Our vision is the creation of a nationally important centre for photography and film with, at its heart, a modern and evolving photographic archive for the whole of Cornwall.

There is such synergy and I was poised to contact Mr Roff only last week to see if there were any collaboration possibilities, or if I could offer any support for the project.

It was a heavy heart that I then discovered a local news article about Mr Roff’s death in September this year.

That news has left me in a pickle. It would be indelicate of me to try and contact family, friends or business acquaintances of Mr Roff’s so soon yet I hope that his dream, which so closely aligns with mine, does not falter and Cornwall will one day see its own dedicated photographic venue.



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