An image for a stranger

One of our recent tasks has been to connect with a stranger and create a piece of artwork from the conversation you struck up.

I didn’t get chance in the timescale to meet anyone new so decide to go at it a little left field and asked a friend to nominate one of their friend’s I did not know to be my ‘stranger’ via text message.

I asked them: where do you live; what is the most beautiful part of where you live; what is it like at night and can you see the stars; and where would you walk to if you could walk anywhere?

I received: I live in Hythe; sunrise in the forest; it’s dark and loud with traffic noise but I can see the stars if it’s clear; I would walk into the middle of the forest and sit on a random log, and watch.

From this I wanted to create a childlike image of contemplation. Something where it gave the impression of me looking through the forest at this stranger watching the sunrise above the trees. The biggest sensation for me was one of leaving behind the loud, busy world they live in for more tranquil surroundings.

Inspired by lino cut, and wanting to make it seem as the person was in their own bubble, I made the image below.

The image on the left is the cyanotype after the wash, but the image on the right is the one before. Sometimes I can’t decide which I actually prefer.

I am sending this on to the ‘stranger’ and hope to add their feedback to this post in due course.