Marketing update

Back in week four we were tasked to put together an outline marketing plan for this module. See here for full article:

I wrote that I wanted “Harena Now to have gained traction and recognition within a number of topic-relative disciplines” and my objectives to achieve this are:

  1. Make connections with two local and one national/international environmental art/science groups
  2. Build interactive engagement via my social media channels, particularly Instagram
  3. To fine-tune my new website as my main place to share my work

The how (or strategy) is:

  1. To begin a social media ‘quiz’ about sand and what it means to people.
  2. To connect with professionals, galleries, curators and photographers that support my photographic preferences.
  3. To email, call, message a number of individuals connected to the sand crisis story, including those working within the industry.
  4. To apply for grant funding to take a research trip to visit a design organisation looking into the sand crisis.
  5. To continue to promote my work, and engage with the work of others, via my established social media channels.
  6. To join more online visual networks such as Lens Culture/Vimpt to help spread the word.
  7. To contact photographic magazines/journalists to raise the profile of my work and the sand crisis.
  8. Connect with a glassmaker to discuss installation ideas for final show.
  9. To produce a film (oral presentation) that I am happy to share with a wide audience beyond the MA as a means of promoting my work.

I feel as though I am achieving my goals in small but productive steps.

The council employee who connected with me after reading about my work on an environmental tourism network has proved to be a wonderful source of inspiration and help. He is unsure as to whether or not there will be any potential collaboration possibilities due to the council’s current direction of travel but none the less, I feel I have made a great contact and learnt a great deal about how my topic can connect to UK sand issues.

I have also spoken to glassmaker Jo Down’s assistant and I am currently waiting on a date to visit to discuss how my work can be recreated in glass. This is very exciting and I hope to secure support and funding to take this further.

My social media is proving particularly active, although much of my posts have related to my personal #365cyanotypechallenge work, the sharing of my Harena Now images are gaining interest, with an average of approx. 200 impressions per post on Instagram.

Instagram is mostly definitely where I have focused my attention of late, with Facebook and Twitter acting as social media ‘support’. I will be reviewing my Facebook and Twitter pages and adapting my posts to suit them a little better.

I have shared my sand quiz on my social media sites this evening – this is simply to find out what words people associate with sand to gain an indication of the general knowledge of the sand crisis, if any.

I am also contacting Groundwork. This is a new gallery based in Norfolk that describes itself as a place that “shows the work of contemporary artists who care about how we see the world. With exhibitions and creative programmes we explore how art can enable us to respond to the changing environment and imagine how we can shape its future”.

I am so excited about this as a potential venue for my final work; but also as a lightbulb moment for my future business plan here in Cornwall.

On that note, I have just finalised my application to Cultivator. This is a mentoring and business support programme for a creative businesses. I really hope I can access their help as I believe it is with the support of people who ‘get’ how a creative business operates that I will achieve my new business goals.

My funding application should be going in shortly. Unfortunately, as yet I have not had a reply from the design studio looking into the sand crisis, but I will probably rejig my application to either consider a west/east of the UK research sand crisis idea or the potential for working with a Sri Lanka-based water company that helps educate around sand use.

This week I have also approached MAYN, Falmouth University’s photography and video agency and put forward my work for consideration for its first zine. To add to that, I am also submitting to the latest call for images for the Hand magazine, which showcases reproduction-based art or art made by hand.

The best thing about having a business plan or marketing strategy is that they need to be flexible. There is nothing wrong with tweaking your ideas or changing direction if it is done so in a thought-through manner.



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