Quick chat – webinar

I couldn’t stay too long at tonight’s webinar, but I had the chance to run through my work-in-progress portfolio with my tutor, Krishna.

It was reassuring to be told that I am on the right track with a strong set of images. Advice was provided about making sure that when I choose my final set of work it flows and has cohesion. I had popped in a couple of ‘holding’ images so it was good to see these picked out as the ones to lose.

I am working on a few newer pieces in the next few days that I aim to create in the current style.

It was interesting to hear my tutor say that my work was “dream-like” and would definitely suit being made into fabric and that she could also see it becoming kitchenware such as tiles or worktops.

Having heard the same from this module’s other tutor Paul a few weeks back I have already created some fabric samples, a bikini, flipflops, baseball cap and posters on order from one of my artworks. From a commercial perspective, this may be well turn out to be a great way to create a sustainable future from my work.

But my project Harena Now is based on a very worrying environmental issue and I hope that when it is viewed in its final form it will not just be seen as pretty.

I have alluded to this in my previous article regarding Lucia Pizzani’s work.

Knowing how I want to display Harena Now, I am sure this will not be the case. And at the same time knowing there is the potential to create a commercial aspect to its future life is worthy of consideration.

As soon as Krishna mentioned tiles I thought of a company called Fired Earth. They don’t perhaps have tiles that are in my style, as yet. But maybe they will soon:-)


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