What next?

As we head towards the end of this module, my thoughts are already turning to what comes next.

Looking at my social media to date, it seems that Instagram is proving the most effective for me in regard to connecting and talking with potential collaborators or simply receiving feedback.

In the past seven days my account has had 1,683 impressions, a reach of 193, 33 profile views and two website clicks.

Interestingly, the image with the most impressions (248) in the past year is as below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 14.45.57

Perhaps there is something in those pyschology tests.

While the Harena Now image with most impressions (212) is as below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 14.49.27

And reviewing engagement on Facebook during the past 28 days, it shows that it received 49 page views (an increase of 123% compared to previous 28 day cycle); a reach of 168 people (a drop of 23%) and one new follower. Not the most exciting of figures.

However, I find that when I post my images to relevant pages such as Alternative Photographic Processes I garner much more interest than when simply adding images such as those from my #365cyanotypechallenge. I do have a cohort of regular supporters of posts on this page but I need to consider how I will use it in future, particularly in relation to the Harena Now project and to garnering more interaction and engagement.

On Twitter, I have made 35 posts during the past 28 days. These mostly relate to my #365cyanotypechallenge project. During this period my impressions grew by 1.9%, while my mentions increased by 300%, my posts received an average of 2 likes a day and I gained three new followers.

In December (to yesterday’s date) my top media tweet is shown below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 14.27.34

Again, how I continue to use Twitter in future, particularly in relation to Harena Now is something I aim to give even more consideration to during the festive break.

With most of my posts, it recent weeks I have had to send out when I can but I aim to put my Hootsuite scheduler to better use in the New Year so I can send out information at the times that work best on each platform.

What I haven’t tried at all on my social media platforms is paying to boost posts. Again, this maybe something I will considered for particular elements of my ongoing work.

But along with social media, what’s my next steps.

Firstly, I will continue to educate myself on the practices of sand mining, both locally and globally, so that I can feel assured that my work is based on facts and evidence.

Having applied for a grant to support working with people in Sri Lanka to take part in the Harena Now project, this is something I hope to hear about in the next two months.


I need to follow-up with my discussions with environmental art gallery, GroundWork and with glassmaker, Jo Downs; order my fabric and accessory samples; order my eco-printed portfolio; re-engage with local art support such as CAST and become a member of the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World to help build my connections.

On December 21, I am meeting with a mentor from arts support programme, Cultivator. This is to begin initial conversations about how they may be able to support my long-term plans. These have included the creation of a dedicated photographic centre for Cornwall. However, given my conversation with GroundWork, I am now also playing with ideas around a dedicated environmental art space in Cornwall – let’s see where this chat takes me.

And, as always, I hoping to find some time to bury my head in a number of books I have been meaning to read, or to finish reading (although I think there may be one or two more being added on a certain present giving day).



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