Where I’m at…

As the new module looms, and with the need to start to determine how, where and when I will show my final work, I feel as though I may need to take a slightly more realistic financial approach to ideas, unless I can begin to secure funding.

In my head, I have seen my #HarenaNow project images recreated in glass that can be displayed in coastal locations affected by the global sand crisis, and then returned to sand via recycling techniques.

There are a number of other alternative ideas, and I know that to be able to achieve a high standard final major project in the time I have available, I may need to curtail my magpie imagination and choose one of the perhaps more manageable options.

Or then again…

I will give my initial idea one more chance to bear fruit. Having already Crowdfunded for my participatory business, ShutterPod, I’m not keen to do so again for this.

So I am now looking at other means of financial support. There are a variety of funding pots out there; I just need to fine tune the ones that may be keen to assist this particular project.

Along with my focus on on-going business discussions to create a photographic centre for Cornwall, I will be researching a number of funding sources that could provide me with the means to fulfil my ‘first’ display idea. It does not me my other schemes are not as worthy, it’s more to do with me not liking to give up.

I have recently applied to the National Trust to be the artist chosen to respond to its ‘Cotehele’s 2018 Garland: Commemorating the First World War’ commission. It would be a amazing opportunity to build my reputation as a visual artist. The shortlisted artists are due to be advised tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I am continuing with my #365cyanotypechallenge – it certainly has been at times, but it has also been a wonderful way to dig deep and make something even when the creativity juices have run a little low. The project enables me to incorporate my #HarenaNow work too, and provides a means to garner public response to my images via my social media channels.

Next on the list, along with checking all the fascinating links I’ve been saving to competitions, articles, photographers and funding info, is to finish my new business plan and create a Pecha Kucha (I have to say I’d never heard of this) for the start of the new module.

Having time to spend with family and friends recently has been wonderful but I’m ready to crack the final module whip, and aim high.