The results are in

I spent so much time deliberating my Final Major Project Proposal. Reading and re-reading the guidelines, asking advice from peers and going with my gut all fed into the final outcome. And the results are in. First, I'm content with my grade and looking forward to speaking in more detail to my lecturer, Wendy McMurdo. … Continue reading The results are in

IoP Symposium 2018

I had an absolutely fabulous time at this month's face-to-face event at Falmouth University's Institute of Photography's Symposium. Although I could only attend one of the four days (house move means no spare holiday time available from day job), it was great to meet the tutors in person (even if only briefly) and my cohort … Continue reading IoP Symposium 2018

Made it to the shortlist

I have deliberated about whether or not to share this news. Not normally one who is superstitious, I'm finding it daunting to write about a potential paid residency I applied for incase I 'jinx' it somehow. But, as it is such an important opportunity for me as an artist and for my Harena Now project, … Continue reading Made it to the shortlist

Environmental “beautification”

The start of the Final Major Project module has made me realise what I'm truly trying to achieve with my work. And it isn't necessarily what I thought it was. I have been sure since the start of this MA that I didn't want realism to be the content of the images I make, even … Continue reading Environmental “beautification”