Made it to the shortlist

I have deliberated about whether or not to share this news. Not normally one who is superstitious, I’m finding it daunting to write about a potential paid residency I applied for incase I ‘jinx’ it somehow.

But, as it is such an important opportunity for me as an artist and for my Harena Now project, I feel it is only right that just before I start to write my second stage application, I publish my joy at getting so far already.

In early February I applied for the FoAM, Eden Project and Wellcome Trust Invisible Worlds residency. Read more at:

In letting me know I had made it through the shortlisting stage, one of the organisers said, “Out of 82 applications, only 11 were shortlisted, so you have done very well to get this far”, and that alone feels so good.

To collaborate with environmentalists, scientists, staff from FoAM and Eden, and the public and bring my interpretation of our Invisible Worlds to life through Harena Now, would be a delight. Keep it all crossed for me.

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