Installation ideas

Having always wanted to show my work outside, but perhaps not having the financial means to create it in the way I would like, I have decided that I want to bring the outside in as part of my final show.

Harena Now aims to raise discussions about the global sand crisis. It is still a topic that when I mention to most people they are simply unaware of or can’t believe we could run out of sand.

But I aim to raise awareness through non-documentary means, which means conversation will need to be have and information shared.

I hit on the idea of recreating a beach scene, with deckchairs as part of an installation. Viewers can sit on the deckchairs, which would be made using my cyanotype fabric work, and wiggle their toes in sand (or an image if not able to use), and look out at the sea coming towards them (more cyanotype fabric work) before raising their eyes upwards to the lumen prints of seaweed and on to the lumen sand celestial-inspired images.

This will spark the discussions, from how for most people I have spoken with sand is reminiscent of happy holidays to how the overuse of this humble resource from river and ocean beds is impacting on environments and people.

The image below provides an inkling of how it could work. I sometimes worry that this type of installation may be seen as a gimmick, but feel in this context it will be an intriguing boost to understanding.


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