More exhibition ideas

As usual, I’m magpie-ing between ideas of how to show my work at a variety of locations.

Hopefully after today, I will have a more fixed idea of where I will be showing but at present I have secured time with the Fish Factory in Penryn from Thursday,  July 26 for a week. The cost for this £200 and includes install and de-install time, optional private view on the Thursday night and support with promoting the exhibition via the Fish Factory website/social media. The space here is two white walls at the front of the working art space near its cafe and shop. Fish Factory runs an eclectic mix of art shows and has built up its audience over the past six years or so. It appeals to those interested in artistic pursuits and is also situated near to Falmouth and the University.

I am also just about to pop and see the team at Mount Pleasant Eco-Park to confirm dates for a show. Holding art exhibitions is a new idea for them so I’m hoping there will be some flexibility on costs. The aim here is to also take part in their Sunday Art market and provide a workshop as part of the courses they run at their Down to Earth Foundation educational scheme. This venue has developed an active engagement programme with people interested in environmental disciplines, art and music.

I aim to provide an artist talk at both events, and hopefully a short-film about the background of the project as well as being joined by a geologist to give more scientific details on the importance of sand.

I am listed as one of the artists taking a week residency with Polpeor Art Studio on the Lizard, which will provide a space to hang work and the option to talk to the public, along with running ad-hoc workshops and the chance to make new work for Harena Now at the most southerly art space in the UK. More than 200, 000 visitors from a variety of global locations make their way to the Lizard every year – I hope to be able appeal to a few of them.

With three very different venues, and a very small budget (an unexpected first-time house purchase has robbed me of the savings I had put by to fund my MA final show), means I need to keep my booking and printing/display costs to a minimum. This is on one hand quite frustrating but on another actually quite freeing in the sense that my choices will be limited and therefore there is less opportunity for me to ‘magpie’ between the ‘shiny things’.

I have started to layout some of my lumen prints to try and gain a feeling of how to layout the images. The snaps below (on my kitchen floor for now as house moving this week and boxes everywhere) are a start at this.

I think I will find this easier once I have some more images of the venue spaces, as although I have been to them all working from memory is not that useful.

I am now re-considering my idea of the deckchair and perhaps will show my cyanotype work along side the lumen prints, almost two exhibitions for the price of one.

Once my house move is completed over the Easter holidays, I can unpack my cyanotype work and perhaps have a play with both process prints to see if I’m right to keep them separate or if they will mix well together.

Now onto marketing plans…more to follow.