Pull out the stops

There are things I really need to get on with. Much of my plans and musings are going on inside my head at present. The big house move is over and its time to unpack the photographic boxes so that I can begin “living my work”, as my lecturer Prof. Wendy McMurdo told me I really need to start doing.

I need immerse myself in the scale of my potential prints, hang the fabric and see if the two will work together, and consider the differing venues by taking my work there (or dummies of).

To keep costs from spiralling I have already toyed with looking into alternative means of hanging my work. At present I am considering three to four large scale prints (A1 at least) from the lumen originals and aimed to look into magnetic options. This is something Wendy also suggested, along with getting myself down to Falmouth University’s print shop to get some test prints done.

This will really help me devise the best way to show my work at the two very opposite locations.

Mount Pleasant Eco-Park has been supportive of my show; it will be the first one they have done. For that reason they are open to how I want my work displayed. Below are images of the space from inside and outside. I will be using the sand-coloured wall and potentially the beams. Tables/chairs can be moved to suit.

This venue has a more ‘rustic’ feel than the Fish Factory will have with its white walls and more traditional gallery style (pics to follow soon). But that enables me to potentially try two styles of display.

I will be giving this much more in-depth thought and action in the coming weeks – June and July may seem a long way off but in reality, not so much.