Magnetic pull

A quick search for photographic hanging magnets led me to two options that seem worthy of consideration.

The first are via Magnetack. It’s a US-based firm and the wall-side magnets would need to be pinned into the wall surfaces.

Below are a few examples of this type of magnetic hanger in action:

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 18.36.20
Fig 1. Home page of Magnetack
Fig 2. © Sheila Lyne
Fig 3. © Tony Ameneiro

The second via a UK-based firm AMFMagnets/Magnart.

This is a reusable system based on a non wall damaging self adhesive system.

Watch this short YouTube video, which includes a great example of the system in action in a gallery space.

Both are comparable price wise, with the first $39 for 24 and the second £35 for 24.

Given that one of my venues is built with a rammed earth technique, it will be great not to have to create intentional damage through wall screws etc. and so I am giving the self adhesive ones a go first.

Framing choices for me have always veered away from a traditional mount with wood frame. Original plans included outside installations so not tying myself to a more cumbersome and potentially expensive (particularly if any frames are dropped during set up/take down stage) means of display, along with the ability to be more flexible with how work is shown and channel spend on creating large scale (A1 approx.) prints feels the right decision for this work.

My next step is to order the self adhesive type of magnet, some test prints in various sizes of the pieces I want to include so far and get playing with them on wall space at home and at the venue.


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