Christiane Monarchi

Christiane Monarchi is the person behind the UK and Ireland online magazine, Photomonitor.

Hearing her speak (during a Falmouth Flexible online recording) about the reasons behind why she set up the business has been very informative. Being a qualified journalist, after my passion for visual art, I love the written word. I have often considered combining the two and it is something I may well look again at after my MA. It is good to understand the motivation behind Monarchi’s resource as there is much synergy with how I feel about a photographic scheme I aim to bring to fruition in future.

The birth of Photomonitor came from a frustration at the lack, or closing, of media that carried up-to-date and relevant photography listings. Monarchi, at the time of starting the project in 2011 said it was with her third baby on her lap so even though she may not be able to get to all the shows, she could at least still learn about them.

She said: “That’s my whole guide; to bring people to photography to go see it, to go think about it and to spread the word about it.”

Photomonitor is a mix of:

One option to make money from it and pay for commissions are the opportunities for people and businesses to have their logo on the site. But it isn’t the annoying kind of advertising you find on many news sites – just discreetly listed down the right-hand side.

Monarchi is looking at ways to incentivise the site, to bring in more revenue and potentially begin to hire staff. She shared her contact details and invited people to get in touch with her. She is also keen to hear from people working outside of London, and about photography-related spaces not in England’s capital. This I find particularly appealing. I shall be contacting her in future.

In the meantime, I am about to head down the rabbit hole of resources that is Photomonitor; I may be some time.


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