Size matters?

As I am finalising details of my two shows (I have had to cancel my residency at Polpeor Art Studio due to availability from the day job) and, to get an idea of scale within a room, I have tacked my sample prints to the spare bedroom wall.

Once my order for magnetic wall mounts comes through, I will hang again so that I can leave them in-situ for longer.

The images below are snaps of the prints. I am rather happy with the results given that these are simple photo prints from Photobox. It has helped cement my decision that the non-fixed lumen prints need to be printed large.

I have contacted Falmouth University’s photo printers and hope to secure a meeting next Monday to arrange for test prints to be made on Hahnemuhle papers.

I will also begin to reupholster two deckchairs for use within the display and aim to create a dummy exhibition in the next few weeks to be sure that all will go to plan at the shows.

I now need to turn my attention to its promotion.