Andy Hughes – interview

I approached Andy Hughes as part of my plans to interview other photographers working in an environmental context. Andy is probably best known for his work (since the 90s) to raise awareness about our use of plastic, and has produced books such as Dominant Wave Theory and Gyre: The Plastic Ocean. I wanted to find … Continue reading Andy Hughes – interview

Gina Glover – interview

Thank you, Gina. I had a wonderful chat with Gina Glover about her work and her thoughts on what she feels makes people tick when it comes to environmental photography. I have spoken about Gina's work in a previous post; how it has a timeless appeal and how I felt it reflected some of my … Continue reading Gina Glover – interview

Michelle Rozic

After having discussed with my tutor my plan not to include my cyanotype work in my Harena Now exhibitions, I decided to take another look at artists who have used the process in the past for their nature-related shows. One of these is Michelle Rozic, an Associate Professor of Art, Printmaking Area Coordinator and Visual … Continue reading Michelle Rozic

Marketing for first show

As May draws to a close I have sent on my marketing material (invite and poster) and artist statement to the team at Mount Pleasant Eco Park. They will be sending out their June newsletter in the next week or so and including details of the exhibition. They are listed below Figs 1-3: I have … Continue reading Marketing for first show

Shape of Light

If I can't get to London by October 14, then please Tate Modern bring the Shape of Light to Tate St Ives. This is one of those exhibitions I would love to see in person. Described as the first time the Tate Modern "tells the intertwined stories of photography and abstract art" from the past … Continue reading Shape of Light callout

Although there is much to do for my final major project, I am keen to look beyond the August deadline and apply for opportunities that will enable me to continue to develop and grow as a photographic artist. Having joined (described on the website as: a family of artists and organisations whose work focusses … Continue reading callout

Daisuke Yokota

In trying to keep abreast of contemporary photographers, I have come across the work of Daisuke Yokota. It is his experimental attitude to his work that impresses me, and it seems in recent years many other too as he has been the winner of the 2016 Foam Paul Huf Award and the PhotoLondon John Kobal … Continue reading Daisuke Yokota

Marketing materials

I am now beginning to fine-tune my marketing materials for my shows. This will include social media icons, invites and posters. In addition, I will be creating an artist bio and a project research info sheet for each event. The images below show details for the July exhibition - I have corresponding images for my … Continue reading Marketing materials