Notes from 1-2-1

On May 9 I had a 30 minute 1-2-1 with module leader, Wendy McMurdo.

We spoke about the podcast (possible short film) I am recording this weekend with geologist, Dr. Beth Simons.

I explained what I want from this conversation, and that is to add an environmental context in relation to geology, time and how sand has shaped our civilisations. Beth is now works with ShelterBox, dealing with humanitarian issues and I hope that she will also throw light on the potential larger-scale impact the sand crisis may have on people.

I mentioned my plans for my exhibition seem to be moving away from using the cyanotype process and towards non-fixed lumen/digital manipulation techniques only.  I feel that artist Meghann Riepenhoff has made the sand/seawater cyanotype process so much her own that my work will be diluted. Therefore, my gut instinct is to develop my lumen work, but without the use of developer or fixer, and to print them in large scale without frames.

Wendy suggested we chat again on this, and discuss my installation plan in more detail. She said that cyanotype can be very powerful; I agree, I am still using the process (including my #365cyanotypechallenge) but don’t necessarily feel its right for Harena Now anymore. The work I have created/am creating with the lumen process and sand alone, creates for me the aura of mystery I want my work to have before the story of the sand crisis is revealed through discussion or further investigation. As we are drawing near to my exhibition stage, I also want to feel confident in achieving my plan without too many changes, mostly due to the fact that I still work full-time in a demanding role that robs me of the luxury of free time.

We also spoke about articulating why I am moving away from using photo-chemicals in my work. Wendy suggested writing about the ethics behind my practice and an explanation of why I prefer to work without too many chemicals.

She mentioned contacting other ‘land’ artists such as Andy Goldsworthy or Hamish Fulton and asking them about their thoughts on environment , sustainability and art practices.

Along with this we spoke about collating images, diagrams, CRJ links into a PDF to be sent ahead of our next discussion.