Although there is much to do for my final major project, I am keen to look beyond the August deadline and apply for opportunities that will enable me to continue to develop and grow as a photographic artist.

Having joined (described on the website as: a family of artists and organisations whose work focusses on contemporary art and ecology, the environment and the natural world) I have applied for its Dartington’s Garden Room Gallery callout.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 13.53.13

As it says, the primary focus for this call out is to showcase work that has a connection to the planet, engages with the natural world, or has a part to play in conversations about how we live our lives.

I can put a tick next to each criteria so I’m hopeful to be able to be part of this new show.

I have submitted five images from Harena Now. These are works that I plan to show at my two exhibitions for my MA, so for now I won’t be sharing them here just yet.

Being part of events such as this, and with organisations such as, my practice is placed in an ideal context for the work I create.

Opportunities such as this will not only allow for the continuation of Harena Now, which I feel has much more to offer in research, both visually and in background, and as a means to raise awareness, but will also enable me to expand my network and connect with others, which could lead to new roads to travel.

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