Marketing for first show

As May draws to a close I have sent on my marketing material (invite and poster) and artist statement to the team at Mount Pleasant Eco Park. They will be sending out their June newsletter in the next week or so and including details of the exhibition.

They are listed below Figs 1-3:

Fig. 1: Invite to opening night
Fig. 2: Poster for exhibition at Mount Pleasant Eco Park
Fig. 3: Artist statement 

I have also created an event on Facebook on my ShutterPod photography page:

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 14.57.40
Fig. 4: Screen grab portion of Facebook event post

I plan to boost this event in the week before the exhibition.

This has also been shared on my personal Facebook page.

I will next add to my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As well forwarding this information to the team, I have also chased a few issues outstanding.

This includes the confirmation of the cost for having the cafe open from 6-8pm.

I am also checking if the wall space I have to use will be painted white. You can see from the picture below that it is currently a peach colour.

Fig. 5: Wall space at venue is peach hue.

The venue had said it was hoping to hold more art exhibitions in future so I am hopeful this is something that can be done.

Sophia, the marketing officer at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, has also let me know that one of the businesses on the site is also holding an open event on the same day.

This is Otter Surfboards. For me this is not an issue as their philosophy of trying to work in ways that are sustainable and gentle on the planet, along with the potential issues that sand mining can have on surf spots, ties in well with my exhibition.

I will be contacting the team to ask if they want to pop in and also let their clients know there is an added bonus of a relevant art exhibition/talk taking place on the same day.