First exhibition print

I collected my first A1 size exhibition print yesterday from Falmouth University's PhotoLab. I am extremely pleased with the photo choice, cost and quality. Plumping for the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag option (first recommended by module tutor Wendy McMurdo, so thank you), it is beautiful to the touch and to the eye. I feel it provides … Continue reading First exhibition print

First ‘podcast’

I have achieved what I wanted with my interview with geologist Dr. Beth Simons. It has covered many points (although not all) and led to a new discovery for me -¬†cathodoluminescence. This is particularly used in geology and creates fabulous images, which Beth compared my work to. Somehow it feels as though this gives more … Continue reading First ‘podcast’

Notes from 1-2-1

On May 9 I had a 30 minute 1-2-1 with module leader, Wendy McMurdo. We spoke about the podcast (possible short film) I am recording this weekend with geologist, Dr. Beth Simons. I explained what I want from this conversation, and that is to add an environmental context in relation to geology, time and how … Continue reading Notes from 1-2-1

Dayana Marconi – participant

During the IoPSymposium2018 at Falmouth University, I took some time out to take part in fellow student Dayana Marconi's photographic project, I Can Hear You Now. Featured in the student magazine, The Falmouth Anchor, her work was described as follows: The mission of her work is to prove that photography can be used as a … Continue reading Dayana Marconi – participant

After the MA

I'm very conscious that once my MA is completed there is a chance that my connections to the photographic world may diminish a little down here in Cornwall. That's not to say I can't travel to see exhibitions, meet other photographers etc. but I am aware that my life after my MA will not instantly … Continue reading After the MA

Beth Simons – geologist

I'm very fortunate to be friends with a very talented geologist, Dr. Beth Simons. Although now working for ShelterBox in its disaster relief, I asked Beth if she would be willing to help out with a discussion about my work and its muse, sand, to provide a scientific angle to the images. I am planning … Continue reading Beth Simons – geologist

More installation thoughts

Putting 'photographers installation views' in a Google search brings up a treasure trove of images. Having spoken about Meghann Riepenhoff and Lucia Pizzani's style of display as an influence on my choices for the final major project module shows, I wanted to take a look at other gallery-style ideas. Having just posted about Sarah Pickering's … Continue reading More installation thoughts

Sarah Pickering

It is always great to hear from other photographers, and even better when you get to hear one talking about how hard it is to make a full-time living from being a photographic artist. Having worked in and out of photography for many a year, I do know how difficult it can be to secure … Continue reading Sarah Pickering