Initial stats from first exhibition promotion

Having created an event and posted my invite to the opening night of my first exhibition on May 27 to my Facebook page, ShutterPod, I wanted to see how it had faired a week later with no paid-for boost. I also shared the event in a new post on Saturday, June 22.

The stats in Fig. 1 indicate that it has reached 789 people overall, with 21 total reponses (likes etc.).

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 15.15.58
Fig. 1: Screen shot of event insights

The details below shows the performance of the June 2 re-post, with 42 people reached and five likes on the post. It is a shame there have been no shares of the post.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 15.08.24
Fig. 2: Screen shot of shared event post

To increase awareness of the event I will be paying for a short 7-day boost. However, as this is not my main exhibition and I have only covered refreshment costs for a maximum of 30 people at this opening night, I am mindful that it may be a balancing act between encouraging visitors and not catering adequately. Saying that though, I’d rather people came and we ran low on drinks than no one shows up.

I also shared the event on Instagram on June 2 (see Fig. 3).

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 15.05.36
Fig. 3: Screen shot of Instagram event post

It attracted 19 likes and eight comments. I will continue to add to this account in the run up to the opening.

It was added to my Twitter profile on June 2 too and gained 60 impressions, and seven engagements ( 2 Likes; Detail expands; Retweets; 1Media engagements; and Link clicks).

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 15.32.48
Fig. 4: Screen shot of Twitter activity

There is much more I can do on social media, and will do so for my main show in July. I am putting together a thorough media plan for that exhibition, which I will share soon.

As my first event is at a venue that is not a gallery and has never held exhibitions before, it will possibly be more trial (hopefully no error) on the part of the staff. I know they are great at what they do, but as the space is not dedicated to art it is perhaps lacking a little in gallery slickness and has a more homespun feel. However the team are happy to work with me to make the best of the space.

Having confirmed that the wall will not be painted white and will remain a peachy colour, I am contemplating whether or not to use white paper behind my work. If I do, I will need to test how the magnetic hanging system will work.

As I am also taking part in their busy Sunday art market and holding fully booked cyanotype workshops the following week, it provides an additional opportunity to promote my work on display.


Figures 1-4. Screen shots from social media accounts.


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