Further opportunity post MA

Although not necessarily part of my final MA project, I am keen to keep trying to share my Harena Now work into the future.

As well as applying for opportunities outside of Cornwall, I am also applying for exhibition opportunities within county too.

I have now applied for a three month show at Cornwall’s major acute hospital, Royal Cornwall Hospital via its Improving Working Lives programme.

I came across this opportunity while looking through this year’s Open Studios Cornwall catalogue (see Figs. 1 and 2) – I’m planning to be part of it next year.

If selected, my work will displayed in an open access area that has the potential to reach approx. 538,000 patients per year and more than 6,000 staff as well as thousands of visitors. There is a £30 booking fee and all work can be purchased, with the Trust taking a 25% on sales.

I am currently working on prices and edition sizes for my work, but will have this in place prior to my June 22 MA first show so will be ready for post-MA show sales.

Fig. 1: Advert for opportunity
Fig. 2: Cover of catalogue


Figure 1. Shot of advert in Open Studios Cornwall catalogue.

Figure 2. Shot of front cover of Open Studios Cornwall catalogue.