Lens Culture Art Photography Awards 2018

I took the plunge today and entered some of my Harena Now series into the Lens Culture Art Photography Awards.

I decided to opt for the series category, which also enables me to receive a review of my work by an industry professional. And, still being a student I also received a discount on entry taking the total to about £32.

I haven’t wanted to publicly share the work I will be exhibiting in June and July as I felt I wanted to keep an element of intrigue, but I decided that if successful in this competition it would be worth providing a sneak preview.

Within 10 minutes of adding my entry I receive notification (see Fig. 1) that my work had been chosen to be added to the competition gallery.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 16.48.55
Fig. 1: Screen shot of my entry (top right) in competition gallery

I have also shared this via the Facebook option provided from Lensculture on my personal and business pages (see Figs. 1 and 2).

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 17.12.17
Fig. 2: Facebook business page share
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 17.11.53
Fig. 3: Facebook personal page share

Lensculture has a vast following and has helped numerous photographers gain exposure for their work.

There is a great jury of respected names in photography so knowing my work will be considered by them is worthwhile.

On the website Lensculture opens with the following:

For the first-ever LensCulture Art Photography Awards, we want to discover and highlight the diverse and creative ways in which photographers are pushing the medium and reinventing our definitions of art made with photography. The possibilities are boundless—our mission is to celebrate all the techniques, methods, and stylistic approaches being used by artists from all over the world. For these new Awards, we’re happy to partner with The Aperture Foundation, and we’re excited to announce that selected work from the winners, jurors’ picks, and finalists will be exhibited at the world-renowned Aperture Gallery in New York City next spring!

What does art photography mean to you? Why does it remain important and relevant? How can it trigger appreciation of beauty, or a new way of viewing the world? We’re open to considering all types of photographic art—everything from printed art on gallery walls to sculptural objects, experimental processes, and totally new forms and formats. We hope you will help us define what thought-provoking art photography can be in 2018!

It’s fabulous that there is the opportunity to have work shown at the Aperture Gallery in New York too, with an opening reception and promotion via its website. The additional potential exposure at festivals, events, in the press, in the Lensculture book, on their Instagram account and more is a huge potential window display for my work.

But the sentence about a new way of viewing the world struck me most as part of my Harena Now project is to try to understand how non-documentary images can help people learn, understand and possibly act on environmental and humanitarian issues.

I have entered the competition not so much for the prizes but for the chance to take Harena Now to a wider audience. Anything more will be a fantastic bonus.



Lens Culture Art Photography Awards 2018. Available at: https://www.lensculture.com/photo-competitions/art-photography-awards-2018?share_photo=3673595#awards [accessed June 8, 2018].