Arts Well CIC

I have been running my participatory photography business ShutterPod since 2014. This has only ever been on a part-time basis as I still need to work full-time (Cornwall wages) to cover living costs.

It does mean however, that along with public workshops I organise and commissioned events with organisations such as Hayle Heritage Centre, I have also worked with people who access health and social care services.

The purpose of ShutterPod is to offer those who may not normally get the opportunity to access arts or give an artistic pursuit a go, the chance to do so.

As the MA is drawing to a close, I’m very conscious that I do not simply want to fall back into going to the day job. I want to work in photography.

Therefore it was good to go along to the second meeting of a new project that has launched in Cornwall – Arts Well.

This has been created by Jayne Howard. She is the former director of Arts for Health Cornwall and has a vast knowledge of the health and arts sector. She is also on the board of directors at my day job so I do know her quite well.

With Arts Well she is aiming to rekindle how arts in Cornwall can become involved in health.

On her website she writes:

There is good and growing evidence of the benefits of participation in creative activity on physical, mental, social and emotional health. Participation in the creative act involves  exercising choice and control, which many people feel they lack, especially if they are experiencing poor health. Taking part in creative activities can often plant the seeds for future change and possibility, and remind people of their abilities.

This is very much behind the impetus for ShutterPod too – giving people options and choice that help build confidence.

At the networking event she held on June 6, it was good to make some new contacts and hear some more about potential opportunities through social prescribing.

Jayne also very kindly promoted my Harena Now exhibition in an email to all those who had attended.

I hope to nurture any potential collaborations that may arise from taking part in this project and wish Jayne success in her new venture.


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