Final elements of first show

With the first show for Harena Now taking place from June 22, I have been putting together a few final touches – paperwork mostly.

The space I have is one wall that measures 6m x 2.5m (18ft x 7.5ft). The work will hung unframed with small magnets. I will hang it as high up as suitable. My set up time is tight – three and a half hours or so – but as no frames are involved this will minimise hanging time. My schedule is:

Arrival: 2pm

Move furniture to suit: 2.15pm to 3pm.

Hang images: 3pm to 4pm

Talk run through: 4pm to 4.15pm

Installation shots and video set up: 4.15pm to 4.45pm

Arrange drinks:  4.45pm to 5pm

This allows an hour for a quick change and to deal with any last minute issues.

The space is also used as a cafe, and for other purposes during the week, so I am conscious that when the cafe is open in particular, people are made aware of the magnets and asked not to leave children unattended. I have made the poster below to display (white space at bottom for any further points):

warning notice

I may reconsider wording as I don’t want to put people off taking a close look at the work but at the same time I want to ensure the magnets are not seen as toys.


I have started a risk assessment sheet, which I may add to once onsite.


My artist statement is ready to be printed and I am collating my artist talk, although I have decided to use bullet points rather than a sheet of paper as I find I communicate better if I am not trying to stick to a script.


Although I am planning to promote my second, larger show much more via press, I am hopeful that I will have a reasonable turn out and this smaller show will provide me with the opportunity to garner an overall reaction to my work.

I will be adding a feedback sheet to my paperwork items. I will leave these out on the open night and also during the week.

I am also making some small pricing sheets to display.

As I am taking part in the venue’s popular art market and running workshops there on June 27 and July 4, I will also have the chance to promote the show to visitors and participants.