Installation day – June 22

Having chosen not to frame my work, and having researched my chosen magnetic hanging system, I was feeling quite assured that the install for this first ‘mini’ Harena Now show at Mount Pleasant Eco Park would go quite smoothly.

The venue had had a theatre performance the night before and I had the option to hang before this, or once the cafe closed at 2pm on the afternoon of the open night.

I chose the latter.

Staff at the venue had been and were very helpful, but, as this space opens as a cafe on Fridays (which June 22 was) a mother with two very young children came in at 1.55pm and ordered food.

This was not an issue, other than I think I would have preferred to be able to have the space to myself during the hanging process. Probably something to do with nerves and liking a peaceful atmosphere to think clearly.

Here’s a brief time lapse of a few of the images going up.

I had been a little concerned that the colour of the rammed earth wall would be rather distracting but felt that overall it was actually quite complimentary.

Figs 1 to 3 provide an indication of the process.

Fig. 1: Josie Purcell tidying up after hang
Fig. 2: Table view
Fig. 3: View towards jukebox

Having installed the work only a few hours ahead of the opening was rather stressful at times but as I had decided that this would be a small showing it was manageable.

There were no major hiccups.

The venue is not set up as a gallery and has not exhibited artwork this way before. It is something they are considering doing more of and I hope to be able to provide them with some constructive feedback for future shows.

The main reason for choosing the venue was to hopefully attract people who were interested in the environmental aspect of my art, as well as those who love art. In addition, the space is used for a variety of other sessions as well as opening as a cafe so I had hoped this would create further exposure for my work.

We shall see.