The Fish Factory – Rose

I popped over to catch up with the person behind The Fish Factory, Rose Hatcher.

She confirmed a new newsletter to update the one sent out with an incorrect open night date for my show is going out this week, as well asking me for some content they can add to their social media to promote the show.

We also discussed if I could use a laptop to play a short film on the night as part of my talk and she said that she could supply one and a TV screen.

We confirmed the cafe will be open to sell beverages and snacks, while I would bring along some alcohol to provide a glass for free if required.

I let her know that there would be a plug in Cornwall Today, and hopefully my press release will get picked up.

I will setting up at the venue on Wednesday, July 25. I will also be looking at using small dressmakers pins to add some extra security to the magnetic hanging system. The ones with the coloured heads should work quite well with the images.

In addition, I will be using stronger nails to support the lightweight cyanotypes I have now decided to include in the show.