1-2-1 July 11

It was good to catch up with Wendy (McMurdo) our module leader to touch base on progress.

Unfortunately, my body is finally giving me warning signs that holding down a full-time job and trying hard to do the most and best I can for this MA is not sustainable.

I have been to the doctors and now have to have blood tests, although its likely my symptoms are stress-related.

Not one for giving in easily, I am still determined to do as much as I can between now and the final hand-in of August 24, but very much with a health first mindset.

Wendy and discussed the possibility of me taking some time off work to allow for a dedicated making window ahead of the July 26 show.

I will be discussing this with work next week.

We also talked about my decision to go back to including cyanotypes in this exhibition. Cyanotypes are where I came from on this course, and I more often than not, I worked in a circular style. Having seen the installation shots of Hannah Perrine Mode’s Europa (Pouring In From Taurus) – read more at: https://josiepurcellphotographyma.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/hannah-perrine-mode/ I had already been inspired to make cyanotypes again and have decided to use embroidery hoops as frames.

Wendy felt this was a good move and could create an “impactful” display.

She also suggested making a new installation plan, and I agreed with her that I will probably make a model version to scale rather than go for learning new software.

I hope to have this done by Sunday, July 15.

We also talked about how finances have impacted on my plans for my final show. There is a part of me that probably feels I have to ‘make do’ with what I can afford, but Wendy reassured me that sometimes these types of constraints can make us more creative and inventive.

I’m feeling invigorated again for the final show. I love the lumen prints I have created but also feel that I am in some way coming home by including cyanotypes.

Now for a few yoga poses and to tick a few things off the to do list.