Potential exposure

Other than trying to raise the profile of my Harena Now exhibition through local media, I am also selectively choosing relevant outlets to contact that may feature my work.

Christiane Monarchi has offered me an interview for Photo Monitor, which would be fabulous. I hope to hear from her soon.

I have now also contacted Elena Cremona, founder, creative director and print media coordinator of The Earth Issue.

On their About Us page on their website, they describe the organisation as:

…a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism.

In common, we share a dedication to raising awareness for the beauty of nature, using art and image culture as a driving force for environmental activism. The collaborators of The Earth Issue aim to highlight a growing interest amongst young artists to awaken society’s complacent consciousness towards our planet; to inspire and harness the power of social change.

Mission Statement:
To provide a platform – through publications, exhibitions, educational talks, and other collaborative projects – for creative thinkers, and aspiring and established visual artists who seek to raise awareness about our environment.
To challenge our need to engage in the infinite dialogues occurring around climate change, and the need to understand our role as a part of Nature.

Vision Statement:
To bring art to the forefront of climate change discussion. At The Earth Issue, we believe that creativity is one of the most powerful tools to effect social change.
We want to enable artists who are passionate about nature to unleash their creativity onto the world and stand up for the preservation of our planet.

This fits well with my own photographic practice in that I aim to spark conversations and curiosity about the world we inhabit and how what we do impact on our natural surroundings.

I have also forwarded details to Elementum Journal. This was started by a former photographer and Professional Writing MA Falmouth University student, Jay Armstrong.

There is a wonderful interview with Sherborne’s Abbey 104 FM on Elementum Journal’s website where Jay talks about the inspiration behind the journal and how she has worked to produce this literary journal.

There is wonderful synergy between my own personal philosophy of less is more and the ethos of the journal. It would be wonderful to be part of this so fingers crossed.

I am also sending information to The Resurgence Trust.

This UK-based educational charity has a mission statement that aims “to inspire each other to help make a difference and find positive solutions to the global challenges we now face” in relation to environmental concerns.

It publishes Resurgence and Ecologist magazine and I hope that my visual story will be of interest to them.


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